The Shame of the Bishops

The hysteria surrounding illegal immigration and the laws in place to deal with it reached new heights of absurdity when many religious leaders such as Catholic and non-Catholic bishops stepped up the rhetoric by calling on their congregations to resist the president’s efforts to enforce those laws.  Quotes from the bible as well as moving reflections on the nativity story sprung up as if on cue.  Problem is, none of the quotes nor the nativity story even remotely address the issue of immigration.  It was an amusing example of how left-leaning religious leaders suddenly see nothing wrong with abusing the bible to proof-text a political position, a practice they usually heap scorn upon.  It’s not really surprising to see this happening, sad to say.  The sympathetic resonance between Islamic terrorism and the liberation theology that the left is so in love with is apparent and growing.  Already we find calls to develop Muslim theology along the lines of liberation theology, and in fact some have already begun that task.  That is why we are seeing the left defending a mass-cult that is misogynist and homophobic … two of the worst thing you could be in the civilized world.

As far as the calls to compassion from these so-called religious leaders… we would do well to remember that immigration in the US is the most vibrant and open of any nation in the world.  Between 1989 and 2015 alone, the yearly figure for legal immigration was between 6k and 1.8 million.  That’s PER YEAR, not total.  The current laws being enforced… the laws that everyone is screaming about, have been on the books for years.  The Obama regime simply stopped enforcing them, so illegal immigration has flown thru the roof.  The numbers for illegal immigration are ON TOP of the numbers for legal immigration.  Ponder that for a bit.  Even the numbers for legal immigration are over the top, let alone the addition of illegal immigration.   Any reform to reduce those numbers is not only rational; It is moral.  You can’t load a country down with numbers like that and not expect negative consequences for the people of a country already there.  It’s irresponsible to do that.  Even if the limit to the number of legal immigration’s were cut in half, the US would still be the easiest and most generous country to immigrate into.

Yet these religious leaders would have us believe that we are now turning a cold heart to immigrants.  Can we use the word deception?  Deception by people who hold themselves forth as our religious leaders.  This should not be all that shocking, really.  The media controlled by the Left love to trumpet such statements from the rooftops, but they really don’t understand religion nor it’s adherents.  We all know our leaders are human beings that hold their own opinions… some good some not so good… and some totally off.  So we can let the left and their puppets continue to dance their dance of invoking authority, whether it be religious or their self-perceived sacred character as The Press.  We know better.