The Cheapening of the Faith

Fr. Mark A. Pilon, over at The Catholic Thing, has posted an excellent article dealing with the emergence of San Diego’s Bishop Robert McElroy as the spokesman for the “disruptive Church”.  It’s refreshing to see a member of the clergy standing up to the current frenzied headlong rush among bishops across the country to mimic the deception being espoused by the radical left.

Bishop McElroy’s rhetoric could have been written by any major propaganda organ currently in service to the Democrats. It cheapens the faith of all Catholics when their leaders begin calling upon them to participate in political propaganda and the subversion of a duly elected government.

The United States has, and will continue to have, the most open policy towards immigrants.  That’s how this nation came to be.. we all immigrated here.  There is nothing immoral about processing immigrants into the country by following the laws in place.  The laws have been defied and the left is setting it’s hair on fire over the simple fact that the laws are no longer going to be ignored.

One has to wonder how cynical these bishops are when one sees them line up in lockstep with a political party that not only fights them tooth and nail on pro-life issues, but also seeks to trample any semblance of religious liberty… at least for Christians.  Maybe these same bishops are secretly in common cause with them on a lot of these issues anyway.  They certainly haven’t shown the same level of moral outrage and furor over the murder of unborn children.