The Vanity of the Bonfire

This latest firestorm surrounding the firing of FBI Director James Comey is yet another illustration of how the Democrats have lost all sense of reason and are doing nothing more than running around like a goose, shitting in every corner of the room.  The collective gasp and consequent shriek from them and their tools “The Media” is not only irrational but also exposes the deepest level of hypocrisy we have seen in modern times.

Just review the facts for a few minutes and you’ll see how they are assuming we are all too stupid to figure them out.  Their sustained anger at, and contempt for, the citizens of this country is breathtaking.  They spent months calling for Comey to be fired, yet when it finally happens, they start spinning the deepest, darkest conspiracy theories they can generate in their little pea brains and get all their media lackeys to rant and rage on every channel available to them.

They try and convince the public that this is an attempt to “cover up” or subvert the investigation the FBI is conducting on the Russian’s attempt to influence the election of 2016.  They cite “the timing” of the dismissal of Comey as evidence that something damning was about to be revealed, thus that’s why it happened now.  Well there are problems with that theory to say the least.

First, the investigation continues.   Nothing has been stopped by this.

Second, we know why it happened at this time. The timing isn’t a mystery.  Comey testified before the Senate last week and his performance there confirmed for EVERYONE that he was out of control and had been for a long time.  His blow by blow account of how he BYPASSED the DOJ and held a press conference was mind-blowing. It revealed his inner thought process.  It really was the final nail in his coffin.  For detailed account of the legal understanding of his explanation just google “Comey bypasses Attorney General” and you’ll get plenty I am sure.

Third, we finally got a Deputy Attorney General, Rod J. Rosenstein, confirmed in the last week of April.  Since Attorney General  Sessions has recused himself it was up to the Deputy AG to take up the matter and hand a recommendation to President Trump.

So we know why the hammer fell when it finally fell.  Was it long overdue?  I’d say so.  Was it a conspiracy to mute further investigations?  No… they continue.

This firestorm is just further illustration of the reality that the Democratic Party has declared war on Trump and thereby has declared war on this country.  They seek to overthrow a duly elected president.  The Democrats want to invalidate Trump’s administration any way they can.  There is no concern for the truth.  There is no concern for the damage they are doing to this country.  They are a bitter party that has lost power and now seek to tear down the walls in their rage.

Don’t worry, Democrats.  We see you and know what you are all about.